About Us

Established in 2007, i-renov8 started life as a business with a reputation for friendly service and high standards.

We have a fully trained team that is dedicated towards offering complete interior solutions such as residential renovating services, wall repair services, commercial renovating services, house repair services, etc that are in accordance to the specifications given to us by our clients. We employ experienced architects and designers, who create plans from original blueprints or floor layouts. These designs are then passed onto interior designers and technical experts, who ensure that these are executed with flawless perfection and efficiency.

We have painters and workers with years of experience.  These painters can execute even the most intricate and elaborate designs with great proficiency.

Our organization also employs a number of workers who are efficient at repairing and renovating built up structures. They ascertain that all projects are completed with efficiency and within the stipulated budget and time frame.

 Why Us?

 There are many reasons why clients choose to deal with us. Some of them include :

  • Timely completion of all projects
  • Fair business practices and transparent ethics
  • Efficient and diligent team
  • Personnel with contacts and connections in all related  fields
  • Cost effective and customized solutions
  • Flexibility in designing of projects
  • Creative and authentic designs